Pierre Dunker Composer and bass player from the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean. His interest in jazz music afforded him the opportunity to play with many local jazz artists. For 10 years he played among others with Gary Levy, a saxophonist from Brooklyn, New York at Hooks Hut in Curaçao, During this time Pierre began to draw the attention of numerous artists abroad. Among others, he has worked with Dave Valentin (USA), Avishai Cohen (Israël/USA), Timucin Sahin (USA/Turkey), Izaline Calister (NL/Curacao), Denise Jannah (Netherlands), Amina Figarova (USA), Israel Gonzalez (Cuba), Pernell Saturnino (Curaçao and USA), Miles Peña (USA), Michiel Borstlap (Netherlands) and Gary Weill (Venezuela).He now resides in the Netherlands working locally as well in the rest of Europe on different musical projects, and his own quartet. He has been joining 4Sure lately, and replaces Pablo Nahar when he is in Surinam.