Jeannine La Rose Singing teacher, from Surinam. The special quest with 4Sure adding surinam songs, her own repertoire and interpretations of the instrumental music of 4Sure. Her passion for music and theater is growing by the day and she could develop herself in recent years in various areas. With the political documents of John Leerdam in the form theatrical readings: Tears of den Uyl, Changa and Amandla she has traveled a lot and tasted culture. She also played played some very special bands and artists including Electro Coco, Libra and Fra Fra Sound, Suzanna Lubrano, Izaline Calister. Her musical debut she made in the pop-rock musical HAIR. followed by the gospel musical IMPACT !, the theater show “The Soul of Motown”, she played Mrs. Corry in the musical Mary Poppins, Leila and Daddy Cool Girl in the hit musical Daddy Cool! Her debuut album PURE ATTENTION is full of swing and joy.