You want the most swinging latin jazz on your stage?
Look out 4 4sure!


Franklin Caesar Breeveld Olaf Keus Juan Pablo Nahar Mark Milan Pierre DunkerJeannine La Rose

Franklin Caesar Breeveld
On saxophone. From the 70s on he is active in the Dutch jazz en world music Scene.

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Olaf Keus

On drums from Amsterdam, Plays with 4Sure since the beginning. Olaf is always involved in many projects and plays with his own Olaf Keus Quintet, The Guitar Syndicate, The Bijlmer Steelband and Brazilian Music with Brancka and Ceumar.

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Juan Pablo Nahar

Composer and acoustic bass player, was born in Paramaribo Suriname. In Amsterdam he was the co-founder of the legendary " Surinam Music Ensemble" and a pioneer at the beginning of the development of " Paramaribop".

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Mark Milan

Composer and pianist. Mark began his professional career at the age of 18, when he became a regular member of Chicago-born blues guitarist Ronald Abrams' band.

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Pierre Dunker

Composer and bass player from the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean. His interest in jazz music afforded him the opportunity to play with many local jazz artists.

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Jeannine La Rose

Singing teacher, from Surinam. The special quest with 4Sure adding surinam songs, her own repertoire and interpretations of the instrumental music of 4Sure.

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